Dawn Rossiter


John Nicholson

As an outsider in many ways and seeing the world askew, Dawn finds expression in a post modern impressionistic style. She evokes the natural world and the dynamics of nature with an urgent and emotional vibrancy.
Dawn has recently moved from the East Neuk coast in Fife, Scotland, where the sun shines like Southern California and sea glitters like psychedelic diamonds, with awe and affection, Dawn plugged directly into the dynamic Scottish landscapes & seascapes with a rare passion and total commitment to her VIBRANT ART. You can’t help being drawn to the wonderful shapes Dawn makes on paper… subtle and wild… Dawn is now located in the warm wet west! Hunters Quay on the Cowal Peninsula, overlooking the adjoining waters of the Clyde, Loch Long, Holy Loch and Gareloch where each minute of changing weather gives her a bounty of dynamic inspiration…


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